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  • Some businesses require hyper local deliveries on demand. For e.g., the food or restaurant business needs a reliable delivery system so that the customer enjoys the food the way it should be. At times it so happens that the non-availability of delivery drivers causes restaurants to refuse delivery and losing the business
  • This is one of the reasons, the aggregators have cashed in and created a market for themselves as a delivery service provider

The situation is very real and can happen to any business having own fleet

Signing up and integrating with Adloggs solves the problem in the following ways


Adloggs being an aggregator of delivery services, works on real time GPS tracking therefore connects the nearest rider with the business regardless of the operator


They work on a single pricing system which means the costs of delivering via multiple operators are known in advance


This system mitigates the risk of backing the wrong horse and signing up with the wrong service provider. Multiple service providers are waiting to serve your business on Adloggs


Data and Analytics will be collected from all the service providers and presented in a single window in a simple format